Affordable and Stylish uPVC Windows to Modernize Your Home


If you're looking to replace old, drafty windows with modern, energy efficient ones, upvc is an excellent choice. Upvc, or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, windows offer durability, low maintenance, energy savings, and noise reduction at affordable prices. Read on to learn why upvc should be your top choice for new windows.

Upvc windows provide thermal efficiency, blocking cold air in winter and heat in summer. Their double or triple glazing and multi-chamber or box frame structure provide strong insulation. Well-fitted upvc windows come with high energy ratings and drastically reduce heating and cooling costs.

What are the Benefits of uPVC Windows?

uPVC windows offer many benefits over other window materials:


uPVC windows last over 30 years. Their color-stable material withstands sun, rain, and temperature changes without warping, rotting or corroding like wood or metal windows.

Low Maintenance

uPVC requires little upkeep. An occasional wipe down with soap and water is all upvc windows need to stay looking new and prevent dust buildup.

Noise Reduction

Multi-chamber frames and double or triple glazing significantly reduce outside noise. This creates a peaceful home environment.


In addition to intruder-resistant locking mechanisms, upvc windows' durable material deters would-be burglars from breaking in. Their flame retardant structure also prevents fire from spreading.

What Style Options do uPVC Windows Come In?

A common misconception is that upvc limits your style choices. Yet upvc windows come in a wide range of styles to complement your home:

Casement Windows

The most energy efficient and customary style. Casements have side hinges allowing them to open wide, catching breezes.

Sliding Sash Windows

Beautiful vertically opening sashes blend into traditional architecture but also suit contemporary homes.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Incredibly versatile windows with multiple opening functions for ventilation flexibility.

Bay and Bow Windows

Dramatic protruding focal points bathing rooms in natural light.

Including Yale-type locks and reinforced frames, upvc windows provide stellar function with undeniable aesthetic beauty. Brands like Liniar offer 58 color options, wood effect finishes, and Georgian bar patterns to create a range of upvc windows that suit your home.

How Energy Efficient are uPVC Windows?

Energy efficiency is a key benefit to upvc windows. A window's energy rating indicates how effective it insulates against temperature fluctuations. uPVC windows often achieve an A+ rating. This depends on three factors:

1. Glazing

Double and triple glazing provides remarkable insulation through a layer of gas or vacuum sealed between two or three panes of glass. This blocks heat transfer far better than single panes.

2. Frame Composition

Multi-chamber upvc frames act as thermal barriers thanks to internal webbing and insulating foam. Modern box frames with an additional layer of insulation (Super Spacer or Thermobar) are the most efficient.

3. Installation Precision

Proper installation ensures door and window frames are airtight, preventing drafts, moisture, and sound leakage. Any cracks or gaps can significantly lower energy savings, so precision matters. Brands like Anglian guarantee installation quality.

Combined, these elements enable upvc windows with overall U-values between 1.2 and 1.4 W/m2K, far surpassing building regulation requirements. This equates to over £250 annual savings on energy bills for the average UK home!

Are uPVC Windows Affordable?

Many homeowners worry upvc windows are too expensive, yet their longevity offsets higher initial costs. Basic upvc double glazed windows cost around £350 per square meter installed. Tripled glazed windows range from £400-£650/m2. Additional reinforcements and finishing details increase price. Still, upvc offers more affordability and customization than timber windows exceeding £800/m2.

Additionally, households can recoup upvc window costs through:

Overall, upvc windows provide better value than timber and aluminum, returning your investment over their 30+ year lifespan. Their versatility in finishes like woodgrain or colorful shades complements your home's aesthetic too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are uPVC windows energy efficient?

Yes! With double or tripled glazed units and multi-chamber reinforced frames, upvc windows achieve excellent thermal performance. The most advanced products reach A++ ratings, far exceeding regulatory requirements.

Do uPVC windows look cheap?

They can, but premium brands like Veka offer products replicating the look of timber frames. With wood effect finishes, decorative details like Georgian bars and arched windows, upvc windows can appear quite high end.

How long do upvc windows last?

On average upvc windows last 30-35 years. Rigid upvc resists warping, rotting and corrosion far better than wood or metal. Their color stable material maintains visual appeal over time too. With proper maintenance, they can exceed four decades.

Key Takeaways: Why Choose Upvc Windows?

If you seek hassle-free, energy saving windows to freshen up your living space, look no further than upvc. Investing in durable and eacothermally efficient upvc windows will keep your home comfortable for decades to come while saving you money through reduced energy demands. Provide your home the modern facelift it deserves with new upvc windows.

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